Maths Subject Leadership Update (Autumn Term)

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These online Maths Subject Leadership updates work as the main point of contact between Associate School Leaders (ASLs) and school subject leaders. They aim to provide a platform for enabling collaboration across the Trust, supporting the networking process to:

  • Develop consistency of practice through sharing high quality ideas and examples

  • Provide mutual support across the Trust

  • Update leaders with Trust and National developments

  • Respond to and address subject related needs as they surface throughout the year

Target Audience - for all those who lead on Maths curriculum in school.

ASLs will communicate directly to curriculum leads, so please ensure that any change in subject leadership is communicated to to ensure that all communications
are with the current post holder.

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Senior Leaders
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Ben Piperno
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Tuesday 8 November 2022
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Tuesday 8 November 2022
15:30 - 16:30
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