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Code: REA-071 Outstanding Subject Leadership 2 – Improving Teaching & Learning through Monitoring and Evaluation

*Use of a range of simple ECM tools to support leaders to prioritise future developments in their subject; *Judgements on the quality of learning will be accurate and consistent; * High quality feedback to staff following monitoring activities will enhance continuous improvement in teaching and learning; *Work scrutiny will be consistently rigorous with systematic procedures to have high impact; *A set of well-chosen subject specific questions to ask pupils and staff will be established, in order to gain an accurate picture about the quality of teaching and achievement; *A range of supportive proformas for gathering and evaluating evidence from work scrutiny, learning walks, lesson observations and pupil and staff audits will be used in school; *A whole school approach to monitoring and evaluation, and improving the quality of learning and teaching for subject leaders will be established.

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1 25 April 2017 10:00 - 15:30 British Medical Association (BMA) Map